Module 1

How to use the computer (5/6)

A tablet is easy to start up and use. It is made to be used anywhere, anytime and does not require a constant power source. You can charge it, take it with you and use it anywhere!
It is operated via the screen, so you don't need a separate screen, keyboard or mouse to use it.

  1. Charge the tablet first. Before using the tablet, make sure it is fully charged. To charge the tablet, plug the supplied cable into the wall socket or into a USB port on your computer. Plug the other end into the micro USB port on the bottom of the tablet.

  2. Switch on the tablet. When you have fully charged the device, switch it on by pressing and holding the power button for about three seconds. Press and hold the button until a message appears on the screen. Your tablet usually has two different physical buttons on the top or right side. The longish button is the volume control and the smaller button is the power/shutdown button.

  3. The tablet may ask you to sign in - if you have an account you can use this, or you can skip this step!  Follow the instructions on the screen.

  4. The tablet is not ready to use - read one of our other guides to learn how to connect it to the internet, sign in to your email and how to use the search engine to get information.