Module 1

How to use the computer (3/6)

A laptop computer is easy to start up and to use. It does not require any knowledge before hand.

Everything you need to use is built in to the computer as the keyboard, mouse and screen are attached to the unit.

  1. The laptop needs electricity, either through the built-in battery or a power cord connected to an outlet. For the first time – plug the charging coward in to the wall and in to the outlet in the computer. It can be placed either on the side or the back of the computer – don't be afraid to turn the computer around and look where it fits!

  2. When it is set up you are ready to turn it on! Look for the on button on the front – it should look like this picture above.

  3. Wait and be patient as the computer starts up, it can take a while. Don't do anything when it is working, just wait for the computer to tell you what to do next.

  4. It may ask you to log in – if it is a school- or work computer, the IT department will give you more information.