Module 5

Search in Internet (4/9)

How to write the keywords


I would like to find a dentist in Vienna. He or she should be in the 15th district. The dentist should accept my e-card. The dentist should speak Arabic.

What search term are you using? Which word do you enter in the search field?

What happens if I enter the search term: "dentist"?

I get about 48 million results. Make the search more specific. If I have too many results, I try to add another term to make my search more precise.


What happens if I enter the search term: "dentist 1150 Vienna"?

I get only 129 tousand results. So less!


Now I'm trying even more search terms. I try: "dentist 1150 Vienna Arabic":

I get more results again! 465 Tousand!



I now know that it is better to enter fewer search words.

It doesn't help to ask whole questions because the search engine looks for the words entered and not for the question.


More tips:

  • Check the spelling of the search words
  • Test the singular and plural of the search words, sometimes