Module 4

How to create your E-Mail account (2/5)

1. Visit a website that offers an email service

There are many companies that offers a free email-address today. The first step is to decide which one you want! They all have the same feature of sending and receiving digital mail, but can also connect your devices to each other if you have different ones.

Notable ones are,, and, all of which are free and can be used from all devices as phones, tablets or computers. Type in "free email account" and the website of your choice into a search engine.

We recommend for easy use.

Email stands for electronic mail. Similar to a letter, it is sent via the internet to a recipient. An email address is required to receive email and that address is unique to the user.

An email address is unique and can look like this: qPzN29zN2oXtxMHGhu3Ewcbb28fG6M-FycHEhsvHxQ@nospam

It consists of your chosen username, the sign @ and it ends with the website you have chosen to create it through.