European Projects Development and Partnership Offer

Inlingua S&N Language Academy Rostock is engaged in the development of current and future European projects. Our staff has more than 30 years of experience in the development, the management and the coordination of European projects such as


  • MEDIA2,
  • ADAPT,
  • XENOS,
  • ERASMUS and


We as an adult education provider develop projects currently under ERASMUS+ and HORIZON.

We are also interested in becoming your partner in your qualified application to European funding and are willing and competent to contribute substantially to your application process.



Please find our PIF file here.

For more information please check out our project descriptions.
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Thomas Pätzold Sozialpädagoge Inlingua

Thomas Pätzold


+49 (0)381 24 292 39


We are also ready to discuss project opportunities through MS Teams, Zoom or other.