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Our philosophy

What we stand for and what we want to achieve


At inlingua Rostock, we make it possible for anyone interested to learn foreign languages. Our aim is to promote communication in general as well as cultural understanding and personal and professional development.

Our vision is to live in a world where language barriers are overcome and people are able to exchange their thoughts and ideas freely - regardless of origin or language skills. We want to help people in Rostock and the surrounding area to develop a deeper understanding of each other and the world around us by learning foreign languages.

Our values at inlingua Rostock


We achieve our vision and goals by standing together for the following values and living them every day.

Professionalism and appreciation

We believe that everyone realises their full potential when they work in a professional and appreciative environment. That is why we ensure clear instructions and the provision of necessary resources. With transparent decision-making processes, we convey a sense of responsibility and participation - because employees are a company's greatest asset.


Cohesion & team spirit

A strong community and mutual support are our greatest assets. We create a working environment in which everyone feels valued and the team as a whole is successful. We regularly organise team-building events and encourage open communication to strengthen trust and cohesion.


Flexibility & Commitment

An optimal work-life balance is of great importance to all of us. That's why we offer employees the opportunity to customise their working hours and working environment as much as possible so that they can harmonise their private life with their professional one. We are convinced that employees who identify with their company are committed to their work. This is another reason why we emphasise an open feedback culture.


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Your contact persons

Carl Sandmann Geschäftsführer Inlingua

Carl Sandmann
Chief Executive Officer


+49 (0)381 24 29 225

Maxi Plückhahn Ansprechpartner Inlingua / Foto: Paolo Schubert, inlingua Rostock

Maxi Plückhahn
Assistant to the school management


+49 (0)381 24 29 225

Phillip Millahn Ansprechpartner Firmenkunden Inlingua

Phillip Millahn
Corporate clients


+49 (0)1520 4226 375