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The inlingua method

Internationally developed and proven - over many, many years

Our language teaching concept is quickly explained. Simply open the short answers to the questions below.

What does "inlingua method" mean?

Among other things, only the new language is spoken - "the target language".

Only the target language? - How does that work?

Most new words and terms are introduced visually. Others become clear through the situation and context.

Is nothing translated, nothing explained in German?

Because the meaning is already clear, translations are not necessary.

And grammar?

The trainers design the lessons in such a way that grammatical explanations are usually superfluous. By practicing the language intensively, you will learn the rules yourself. You will then find these confirmed in your inlingua learning material.

What does "intensive practice" mean?

It is the trainer's job to get you to speak, e.g:

  • You answer questions
  • You ask questions, also to the other participants
  • You correct with
  • You will say many things several times: until you get it right, until you are really sure
And what do the trainers do?

The trainer's speaking time is kept to a minimum. They only say what is absolutely necessary. They don't talk, they don't lecture. They provide the new words and show you how to combine them correctly. Of course, our trainers will also answer all your questions about the target language.

Do you also learn to speak freely?

Once you have reached a certain level of competence with the new language tools, you can do partner or group work, for example:

  • You decide for yourself what is said and asked
  • you work very intensively, i.e. you don't have to wait until it's your turn again
How do you work with the books?

The book remains closed during oral practice. It is then opened when working with the pictures, texts, dialogs, exercises and other activities.

And at home?

You can reinforce the learning process by reading through the example sentences and grammatical overviews in the learning material several times or reading them out loud.

Do you have to write a lot?

Almost all new words, structures etc. can be found in the learning material anyway. Written tasks are completed at home.

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