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Living in Germany-Test

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The "Living in Germany" (LiD) test is an important part of the integration course for immigrants. It tests basic knowledge of the political system, culture and history of Germany. In many cases, successful completion of this exam is a prerequisite for naturalisation and permanent residence in Germany.

Exam dates


Important: These dates only apply to you if you wish to take a separate LiD exam for which a fee is charged. Participants in our integration courses/orientation courses do not need to register for a separate LiD exam, as a LiD exam is an integral part of the orientation course.

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Structure of the LiD exam


The LiD exam consists of 33 multiple-choice questions selected from an extensive catalogue of questions. This catalogue covers topics such as:


  • Politics and democracy: questions on the German constitution, how the Bundestag works and political rights.
  • History and responsibility: knowledge about German history, in particular the Nazi era and the post-war period.
  • People and society: Questions on everyday living conditions, the rights and duties of citizens and living together in society.


The examination lasts 60 minutes. To pass the exam, at least 17 of the 33 questions must be answered correctly.

Preparing for the exam


There are various ways to prepare for the LiD exam. These include special preparation courses in which the relevant topics are covered in depth. Independent study with the help of exercise books and online tests is also highly recommended.


Why is the LiD exam important?


Successful participation in the LiD exam shows that you have familiarised yourself with the basic values and structures of Germany. This is an important step on your path to integration and understanding life in Germany. For many, the exam is also a formal requirement for naturalisation or obtaining permanent residence status.


How can you register?

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