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Your integration course in Rostock

Gain a foothold in Germany

The official BAMF integration course was developed to make your start in Germany easier. It is therefore usually subsidised by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). inlingua Rostock is happy to support you on this path. Learn the most important basics of the German language, history and German law together with other participants. You will then be able to use the German language confidently and without uncertainty in concrete everyday situations. BAMF integration courses are therefore your starting capital for a life in Germany.


The course comprises a total of 700 teaching units and covers language levels A1 to B1.


The following topics are covered

  • shopping and living
  • leisure time and social contacts
  • work and profession
  • the German healthcare system and visits to the doctor
  • public offices and authorities

What tests do you take at the end of the integration course?


After the integration course, you will take two tests:


  • DTZ for proof of language level B1
  • LiD Living in Germany (BAMF) for the orientation course

What do I learn on a BAMF integration course?

The German integration course has two objectives


  1. On the one hand, the aim is to improve your German language skills so that you can easily cope with everyday situations such as shopping, filling out forms or simply having a conversation with a neighbour.
  2. At the same time, the curriculum includes teaching you important knowledge about German values, culture and history. This will help you to find your way around your new home in Germany even faster and better.


In short: you can integrate and socialise faster! Divided into two parts, your integration course consists of a language course and a subsequent orientation course.

The language course

The language course is divided into a basic and an advanced language course. In the total of 600 teaching units (TU), you will deal with authentic topics from everyday life. In the first part, the language course, you and your fellow students will concentrate fully on learning important vocabulary and grammar. You will then be able to:


  • write letters or emails in German,
  • find a new home independently or
  • apply for a job.

The orientation course

Have you successfully completed the language course? Congratulations! You are now qualified to attend the second part of your BAMF integration course: the orientation course. This comprises 100 teaching units (UE) and provides you with basic knowledge about life in Germany. These questions, among others, are at the centre of teaching you useful everyday knowledge:


  • What do I need to know about the German legal system?
  • Which important events are part of German history and culture?
  • How important are values such as tolerance or equal rights for men and women in Germany?
  • What rights and obligations do I have when I live in Germany?


Do you have questions about your BAMF integration course? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

How do I know what language level I have beforehand?

Many of our participants are unsure of their language level at the beginning of a language course. Would you like to start learning German from scratch? Or have you already had German lessons at school but don't know how much you remember? No problem!

Before you start your BAMF integration course, we will conduct a placement test with you. This is completely non-binding and free of charge for you. The result will show you and us exactly where you start in terms of language skills. This allows us to make sure that we select the right module for you.

BAMF integration course in Rostock: All information on costs and funding

The German state offers people who want to learn German a variety of options for financial support for different language courses. These include the BAMF integration course. This means that, under certain conditions, you can attend either free of charge or at a reduced rate.

When can I take part in the BAMF integration course free of charge?

If you have an authorisation or obligation from the Job Centre, the Foreigners' Registration Office or the BAMF, participation is free of charge for you if you receive housing benefit or benefits according to SGB II / SGB III or SGB XII.

When do I receive discounts for participation?

If you have an obligation or authorisation to attend the BAMF integration course and are also already working in Germany, you only pay €2.20 per teaching unit for participation.

This will cost you €220.00 per module, which consists of 100 teaching units (TU). However, the entire integration course comprises 600 teaching units (TU).

When do I have to pay for the BAMF integration course myself?

Every participant who is not authorised or obliged to participate must bear the costs of the integration course themselves.

These amount to € 440.00, whereby one module consists of 100 teaching units (UE) and the entire BAMF integration course comprises 600 teaching units (UE).

How do I receive the grant?

We will be happy to support you in applying for funding and put you in touch with the Employer Service, which will work with you to develop a funding strategy.

You can find all further information at

After integration course and tests

When will my result be available?


As soon as your tests have been analysed by the responsible institution (g.a.s.t, BAMF etc.), we will contact you immediately. Please note that the BAMF is currently experiencing longer processing times. You can check the processing status on the following page.

Individual job application training for immigrants


If you have successfully completed your integration course and are looking for work, we will be happy to help you find a suitable job. In this case, you can apply for a so-called "activation voucher" – with this, our individual and comprehensive job application training is completely free of charge for you.


Your contact for online integration courses

Maxi Plückhahn Ansprechpartner Inlingua / Foto: Paolo Schubert, inlingua Rostock

Maxi Plückhahn
Assistant to the school management


+49 (0)381 24 29 225

My personal tips for you:

Please feel free to visit us during our office hours. We will advise you free of charge and without obligation. We are located just a few metres from the station.



It is worth coming to the course regularly. If you miss a lot, it is very difficult to pass the exams.



If you have any general questions or problems, you are welcome to contact our social pedagogue during your course. He always has an open ear.



By the way: If you already have sufficient knowledge of German, you can also take the exams without a course. In this case, we recommend a personal interview with us.



You can also complete integration courses online with us. This page will show you the way.