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Online integration courses

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You don't have the opportunity to take part in an integration course on site? Then why not use our virtual classroom? Our online integration courses meet current standards and usually take place in the mornings and afternoons with four teaching units each.




You can register during our office hours at the inlingua reception desk at our Rostock location at Herweghstraße 1. Please bring your authorisation or course commitment and your ID with you. After collecting the necessary data, we will arrange an appointment with you for the obligatory placement test.




The opening of the course and the first week of the course are always held in person, i.e. at our premises. During this time, you will get to know the instructors and can clarify technical questions. You will also receive personalised Microsoft Teams access and a one-time password, which you will need to renew after the first log-in. From the second week of the course, lessons will take place exclusively via Teams.

In terms of content, online integration courses and face-to-face integration courses are completely identical. You can find the procedure for an integration course on the following page:

Technical requirements


You can use any computer with an internet connection running a current version of Microsoft Teams to take part in the online integration course. Tip: All you need to do is install the Teams client. This is available here free of charge. You therefore do not need to use a paid version.


Our hire equipment


If you do not own a computer, you can borrow this technology from us. Please contact us when you register or at the start of the course.




As with a face-to-face integration course, two exams are also taken at the end of an online course: DTZ - Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer & the LiD - Leben in Deutschland-Test. These take place in person, as does the intermediate integration course test.

Course materials


You can buy the course materials (the course book) from us in the first week of the course or from another provider.


We look forward to your visit!

Your contact for online integration courses

Maxi Plückhahn Ansprechpartner Inlingua / Foto: Paolo Schubert, inlingua Rostock

Maxi Plückhahn
Assistant to the school management


+49 (0)381 24 29 225

What our participants say

5 Sterne für inlingua Rostock

"I really liked the online courses. It's just right for a person with little time. Firstly, I save travelling costs, secondly, I save time, thirdly, I can be at home with my child and help him if necessary, fourthly, I can attend the course wherever I am, anywhere in the world (as long as I have internet). The only downside is that the internet sometimes goes down. For those who want to learn German, online courses are great. Those who just want to communicate and sit at home bored might be against such courses. That's my personal opinion. I would advise you to continue such groups with online courses, because you can have students from all over the world, and for many it is very important to save time for travelling, and there is a need to be at home with the children during the course."

Hanna H.

5 Sterne für inlingua Rostock

"I personally really like the online format. It's convenient, you don't have to spend time travelling. But it will probably be difficult for those who don't know German to start with the online format. The online format is great, but not for everyone :)"

Alexandra S.

5 Sterne für inlingua Rostock

"I really liked the online format. For mothers with children (and most here without husbands) it's very important not to waste time travelling, not to have to think about who to leave the child with or worry about them being home alone. You also have more time for yourself and the children. If you're ill, you can still take part in lessons - that's also a big plus! I believe that online learning is just as effective as offline learning, the most important thing is the desire to learn! Of course, there were also problems. Someone forgot to switch off the microphone or there were problems with the internet. But these are all minor issues and solvable! So I'm in favour of online🤗"

Olha P.